• Pushing the Boundaries of the Building Envelope

    Sealants and adhesives for Structural Insulated Panel construction

    The SIP-SEAL® product system is the standard of performance when constructing durable, airtight building envelopes.

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    Intertek Sustainability Certified Clean Air Gold

Adhesive Sealant

This high-performance adhesive and sealant offers builders numerous advantages over traditional silicone and urethane based products. It has excellent adhesion to a wide variety of construction materials, applies smoothly in all temperatures and remains flexible after cure.

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Fast-Cure Adhesive

This structural adhesive creates a strong, long-lasting bond designed to minimize the need for mechanical fasteners. Ideal for subfloor and quick-setting panel assemblies, it bonds aggressively to wood, cement, metal, plastic, stone and resins while maintaining its flexibility.

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Joint Sealant

Bonds aggressively and maintains a flexible seal with panel joints and diverse building materials. Superior elastomeric properties, longevity and UV resistance make it ideal for high movement joints.

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Liquid Flashing

Make windows, doors and other rough openings highly weather resistant while allowing moisture vapor to escape. Use with SIP-SEAL Liquid Membrane for a complete, permanently flexible, vapor-permeable weather barrier.

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Liquid Membrane UV Plus

Replace building wrap with this fluid-applied, vapor-permeable, flexible weather barrier. Designed for high performance building envelopes.

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Vapor Tape EX

Vapor Tape EX

An all-weather, vapor tight, joint sealing tape developed for SIPs and other high performance building envelopes that is easy to install, long lasting and versatile.

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  • Your air and water barrier has always had a weak point.

    Now it’s the strongest.


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