About Us

Sustant is a distributor of adhesives, sealants and tapes for the Structural Insulated Panel (SIPs) industry. SIP-SEAL, a Sustant brand, serves SIPs manufacturers as a partner in delivering high-performance residential and commercial building envelopes. In short, SIP-SEAL is “the best stuff for the job.”

Our service model focuses exclusively on supporting SIPs manufacturers to complete successful building projects. We provide the right product for the right application and we do that on time. SIP-SEAL adhesives, sealants and tapes are the industry-wide solution for SIPs manufacturers and their builders.

We pride ourselves on pushing the boundaries of the building envelope.

Mission Statement

Sustant supports the SIPs industry with an integrated line of products for constructing high-performance building envelopes. Our SIP-SEAL line of high-quality adhesive, sealants and tapes provides readily available solutions with the highest level of customer service and support. Our commitment remains to continually improve and grow our product offerings focused on helping our customers’ projects succeed.

Jonathan Early
Photo credit: Clara J. Early of Studio White

Jonathan Early
Founder & President
SIP-SEAL a brand of Sustant, LLC

We Value


Celebrating 10 years in business is a credit to the relationships we have built with our customers and suppliers. At SIP-SEAL, we value these relationships and personally foster and strengthen them as we move into our next decade of business. When builders request our product, we know we are making an impact.


When they partner with SIP-SEAL, our customers receive immediate ordering and delivery, a streamlined vendor relationship, and no obsolete or excess inventory. SIP-SEAL is responsive to the dynamic needs of our customers and the construction industry.


SIP-SEAL products are free of silicone, polyurethane, solvents, and hazardous air pollutants. Manufacturers, builders and end users can count on a clean, healthy product to support the sustainability goals of their building project. We thoroughly test our sealants, adhesives, and tape products to ensure that SIP projects become sustainable structures.


“I really needed something different in adhesives and sealants. I had struggled for a long time to find the right products, and I was testing a lot of products from different companies. And, toward the end of my testing, SIP-SEAL came along, touting the sausage pack. I wanted products with pliability and flexibility, and I knew would not crack. SIP-SEAL was the best of both worlds. And it was made right here, in Minnesota. That made it even better for us, and I was looking all over the world. The product and the service are outstanding.”

Jeremy Dieken, COO / Purchasing
Extreme Panel Technologies, Inc.

“Jonathan showed from the start that he was supportive of the SIPs industry and ready to be involved – not just selling products but understanding the needs and making a better product. When we met, and when SIP-SEAL joined SIPA, I had not seen his products yet, but I did tell him that his timing was very good. The manufacturers were using different mastics and trying to find solutions but were not doing very well. Jon quickly established himself as a person who could bring a good product to the industry.”

Al Cobb, SIPA, Past President &
The SIP School Founder

“Sealing the panels is 100% integral to the success of every job we do. When air migrates into a joint, that joint will be shot later. The way SIP SEAL products work, sealing and flowing onto the panels, it makes our work easier and better. What was out there previously got hard and cracked or didn’t flow well. Through our work and testing, we’ve found that SIP-SEAL products are the best out there. The chemistry is behind them. We’ve installed SIPs at temperatures as low as 20 below zero, and the sealant flows and lasts.”

Perry Penske, Sales Manager
Extreme Panel Technologies, Inc.